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2021 Golf League Network Pricing

Note - All Options come with the Golf Mobile Network (smart phone application) Free of Charge!

For the Course - These are courses that host their house leagues and/or have outside leagues that choose to affiliate with the course.  We call these courses "League Courses" and 90% of all leagues choose to affiliate with their their course* because it's less expensive:

 League Course


 Price Per Calendar Year

 Per Golfer

Courses may choose to pay for the leagues or have the leagues pay.  New leagues are given a 3 round FREE trial period.

Because there is a maximum, every golfer after the 40th will be free (because the maximum will have been reached).

$7.45 per golfer

$295 maximum

$75 minimum**

 Per Sub

Leagues may use the course Sub-Pool and add as many players as they wish at no charge.


For Independent Leagues - these are leagues that choose not affiliate with their course or leagues that have no course such as traveling leagues:

Independent League
Price Per Calendar Year
 Per Golfer & Sub Fee

Single League, which may be registered and paid for via credit card through the "Create Your League" button on the home page.

Because there is a maximum, every golfer or sub after the 41st  will be free (because the maximum will have been reached).

$8.45 per golfer / sub

$345 maximum

$75 minimum**

* If you're an Independent league manager or secretary and don't know how to affiliate with your course, please contact us directly and we will assist you with the process.

** There is a $75 minimum fee per league that is credited against the per golfer fee but does not effect the maximum fee.  For example an Independent league of 4 golfers would be charged $75 (the minimum fee), whereas an Independent league of 10 golfers would be charged $84.50 (10 * $8.45), which is more than the minimum so in that case the minimum wouldn't apply.

If you have questions relating to pricing please contact Handicomp @ 616-457-9581 (or