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Golf League Network Pricing

All-Inclusive Golf Mobile Network Access:

Enjoy the Golf Mobile Network (smartphone application) free of charge with any subscription! This offer is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive service without hidden costs.

For the Course - League Course Pricing

Designed for courses hosting house leagues or those with affiliated external leagues, our "League Course" option is a favorite for 90% of leagues due to its cost effectiveness.

League Course
Calendar Year Price
Golfer Pricing
Enjoy the benefit of every golfer after the 50th joining for FREE, ensuring a maximum league fee cap of $425. This flexible payment allows courses to cover costs or have leagues handle their own fee. New leagues can also take advantage of a 3-round FREE trial period.
$8.50 per Golfer for up to 50 golfers
Sub Pricing
Leagues can add as many Subs as they wish at no additional cost and have access to the course's Sub-Pool.

For Independent Leagues

Ideal for leagues wishing not to affiliate with their home course or those that are traveling leagues, our Independent League option provides flexibility and no outside oversight.

Independent League
Calendar Year Price
Golfer & Sub Pricing
Like the League Course option, all participants after the 50th are FREE, capping the maximum league fee at $475. Registration and payment are easily handled via the "Create and Register a New League" button on the home page. New leagues can also take advantage of a 3-round FREE trial period.
$9.50 per Golfer or Sub for up to 50 participants

Assistance and Inquiry

For Independent League managers or secretaries seeking to affiliate with their home course to save money, or for any pricing inquiries, please don't hesistate to reach out to us directly at 616-457-9581 or Our team is ready to assist you in optimizing your league experience with efficient, transparent, and supportive service.