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The Golf League Network is an Internet based golf league software management application endorsed and embraced by many industry leading organizations and associations.  The Golf League Network software helps league administrators and secretaries manage their golf leagues and provides league golfers instant access to league schedules, pairings, golf handicaps, and league results.  The system is flexible, feature rich, and time tested.  And, because it's available per golfer at less than a sleeve of golf balls, it's a great value!  Start your Free Trial or register and get started today?

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Independent League Free Trial:  Three free rounds, pay prior to computing the fourth round!

"For 14 years I have been the primary liaison between league administrators & golfers and our talented software programmers.  I've witnessed first hand how the Golf League Network benefits those who use it and I feel more passionate than ever about its future.  It savesJason Snow courses and league admins countless hours of work and provides additional FUN and resource for league Golfers.  And, it's only getting better, so please call and let me help you help your league(s)!"

Jason Snow, PGA
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Pricing Options

The most popular way for your league to have access to the Golf League Network is to convince your course to offer it to you.  In this case the price is $6.95 per golfer (to a max of $295 per league) and subs are Free.  A majority of leagues within the system take advantage of this discounted price through their course.  And, it should be noted that in many cases the course will make a contribution and reduce the price to the league because they receive benefits from the Golf League Network as well.

Or, if your course isn't interested in offering you the discount or your league would rather operate apart from its course (as an independent), your league can still have access to the Golf League Network at the price of $7.95 for each Golfer & Sub to a maximum of $345 for the year.

So, feel free to pay more as an independent league or talk to your course leadership and have them contact us to learn the benefits of partnering with the Golf League Network to best serve the league golfers at their course.

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Golf League Management Software

For the Course:

  • The League Course pricing option
  • Unique logins for course administrators
  • Course admin features including league oversight and reporting
  • Quick league invite feature for contacting outside league administrators
  • Support for both house and outside leagues (those managed by league secretaries apart from the course)
  • Cross course statistics showing how the course fares within a collective of a large number of other League Courses
  • Contact management features (i.e. email) that allow the course to instantly contact league admins and golfers
  • Access to past years league history
  • Interfaces with Golf Community Network applications including the Golf Handicap Network and the Golf Tournament Network.

For the League:

  • Unique logins for league administrators & secretaries
  • An ability to operate within a League Course or independently
  • 9 and 18 hole formats
  • Team sizes from 1 to 16 players
  • Have players/teams compete head to head or against the field
  • Printed scorecards with holes dotted
  • Quickly setup round robin schedules within a single course or across multiple courses
  • Select from many scoring features including matchplay, strokeplay, stableford, additional point options, handicap types (including Recreational (RGHS), USGA or custom), and hole score reduction
  • Support for a variety of round types including fun rounds, practice rounds, qualification rounds, position rounds and normal rounds
  • Quick score entry from scorecards allowing all league scores to be entered in a matter of minutes
  • Full support for subs, ghosting and scoring for missing players
  • Support for skins, both net and gross
  • Use a big screen TV to display updates to league results and standings
  • Communicate quickly with league golfers through the built in email and message board features
  • Enjoy a vast array of on-demand golf league reports
  • An ability to change formats and points each round
  • Support for an unlimited number of seasons within a league year
  • Access to past league history

For the Golfer:

  • Unique login and personalized player page
  • An interface to the Golf Mobile Network phone application
  • On demand schedules, round results and standings
  • A league handicap for within handicapped leagues
  • A seamless interface to the Golf Handicap Network application for those who register for the Handicomp Golf Handicap System (HGHS)
  • A ton of individual and league reports
  • Email and bulletin board (trash talk) options
  • Cross league statistics to see how you are doing against other league players within the network
  • Access to past league history

Golf Network Interfaces

Golf Mobile Network:

The Golf Mobile Network is a phone and tablet application that is designed to provide golfers with up to date on demand information pertaining to their golf league; such as scheduling, pairings, results and handicaps.  Golfers can download the application to their mobile device and use it at their convenience.   Without question, easy access and ease of use make this the application that all golfers want in hand.  And, most importantly, this service is provided to league golfers and subs at no additional cost (meaning it's FREE).

Golf Handicap Network:

For a nominal fee each league golfer and sub can join the Golf Handicap Network; an Internet site that allows them to track thier golf activity outside of league play and that provides them with an all score Handicomp Golf Handicap System handicap.  Note, scores shot outside of league play will not affect their specific league handicap if a league only wants to count scores shot within league play.  The Golf Handicap Network is a great tool to keep golfers engaged within the system year round.

Golf Tournament Network:

The Golf Tournament Network is a tremendous tool for managing course events.  A great feature is that all league players within the League Course can be seamlessly added and managed within events.  And, because the GTN has application at all types of clubs, it is currently the fasted growing Golf Network application.

Golf League Network Annual Growth

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