Golf League Network

Internet Based Golf League Software

League Golfer Features

The Golf League Network empowers league golfers with immediate access to essential league information, reducing the need to contact their League Administrator unnecessarily.  With our platform, golfers gain the convenience of accessing schedules, standings, and more directly through their computers or smartphones.

Experience seamless golf league participation with Golf League Network's intuitive and user-friendly features, designed specifically for league golfers!  Register your league today and elevate the experience for all your league players.

Key Features for League Golfers:

  • Unified Access: Enjoy consistent access to the GLN website and the Golf Mobile Network smartphone app, providing a seamless experience for golfers and substitutes alike.
  • 24/7 Availability: Access your league details anytime, anywhere, directly through our always-available digital platforms.
  • Handicap Tracking: Utilize your league account to maintain a comprehensive handicap record, enhancing your competitive edge.
  • Multi-league Connectivity: Manage your participation in multiple leagues effortlessly with a single account, streamlining your login and access across various leagues.
  • Historical Data Access: Revisit your past league performances with the ability to view historical data from previous seasons.

Experience the difference with Golf League Network's superior League Golfer features. Click to see GLN in action and transform your league play today!

Individual Golf Handicapping Service:

Elevate your golfing experience with our optional Value-Add Golf Handicap Network (GHN).  Designed for golfers eager to track all their scores, including those outside of league play, GHN offers a comprehensive solution.  Record every shot with our user-friendly electronic scorecard accessible through the Golf Mobile Network smartphone application, whether it's just you or your entire golfing group.

Enjoy the convenience of unified login credentials across both the GHN and the Golf League Network, part of the Handicomp Golf Networks.  Experience the ultimate value in golfing with access to Handicomp's innovative AI Golf Handicapping and Score Prediction Formula, a unique feature that sets our service apart by setting a new bar for fairness!  Track, improve, and enjoy your game like never before!