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League Golfer Features

League golfers don't want to bother their League Manager with questions, so sometimes they don't when they should, and other times they do when they need not.  The Golf League Network solves both by putting instant league information at their finger tips; whether it be through their computer or smart phone.

The Golf League Network delivers for League Golfers!

League Golfer

In simple terms a good League Management application simplifies and streamlines a golf league; it makes things easier for the League Manager and it makes information easily accessible for League Golfers.  In these respects the Golf League Network isn't just a good League Mananagement application, it's a Great League Management application!

Special League Golfer Features:

  • League Golfers and Subs are provided the same access to the GLN website and Golf Mobile Network smart phone application
  • Both the GLN website and GMN smart phone application are available 24/7
  • If a League Golfer would like to keep a more complete handicap record they can use their league account in the GHN
  • A League Golfer can use the same account if they play in multiple leagues, which means they can access all their leagues using a single username and password
  • If a League Golfer played on a league that used the GLN in past years the Golfer can access and view those past leagues 
  • If you would like to see the GLN in action simply click the following: