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League Manager Features

For simplification a League Manager is also known as a League Administrator or League Secretary

The Golf League Network streamlines "League Management" for an effortless experience. Once the initial setup is complete, managing a league becomes straightforward with simple tasks like handling rainouts and substitutions, as well as printing scorecards and inputting scores. Allow golfer to enter their scores via their smartphones to further minimize time and effort.

Benefit from nearly 20 years of development expertise from the golf technology firm Handicomp, a trusted name in the industry for more than 55 years.  With the Golf League Network, you can trust in a system built to efficiently manage all your league's needs.

Secure the Best Value!

Cost is a primary concern for any League Manager.  We encourage you to explore our Pricing section to discover how involving your course can lead to significant savings -- potentially over $1 per golfer.  This benefit is available to all types of leagues, including traveling and simulator leagues, which need only designate a single home course.

Rest assured, the Golf League Network's pricing per golfer has remained consistently low with only minimal adjustments since its inception in 2005.  You can rely on stable, predictable costs for your budgeting needs, ensuring a solid financial plan for the future.

League Manager Overview

At its core, an effective League Management application significantly eases the complexities of running a golf league.  It diminishes the workload for league managers and ensures that crucial information is readily available to players, thereby minimizing direct queries to the manager.  The Golf League Network goes beyond being a good tool; it's an exceptional League Management application!

Key Aspects of League Management:

  • Specifically designed for leagues, not merely adapted from a tournament system.
  • Backed by a team of dedicated league specialists.
  • Proven reliability with leagues consistently choosing GLN year after year, eliminating the need to switch systems.

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Exclusive Features for League Managers:

  • Administrative Control: League Managers receive comprehensive access to both the website and Golf Mobile Network smartphone application, ensuring smooth league operations while enjoying all the functionalities available to golfers.
  • Flexible Participation: Managers have the option to oversee without being an active player in the league.
  • Multiple Managers: More than one individual can be designated as a League Manager to share responsibilities.
  • Easy Renewals: Seamlessly transition golfers and league parameters from a previous season into a new league for a hassle-free renewal.
  • Rule Customization: Managers can establish and publish season-specific rules for all league members to view online or on their cell phone.
  • Efficient Communication: Utilize group emails and push notifications to keep players
  •  and substitutes informed.
  • Online Payments: Securely collect league fees online through credit card transactions.
  • Dedicated Support: Access to a specialized support dashboard and direct phone communication with technical support.
  • Autonomy: League Managers maintain comprehensive authority and decision-making power within their league.