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League Manager Features

The Golf League Network is designed to make "League Management" a breeze!  Effectively, after completing the league setup, running a league is as simple as managing rainouts and subs, and printing scorecards and entering scores.  And, if the League Manager lets golfers enter scores on their smart phones they can save even more time and effort!

League Manager features are a product of +15 years of development from a golf technology company "Handicomp" that has been serving the industry for over 50 years, so you can be confident the GLN will do what it's asked it to do.

For simplification a League Manager is also known as a League Administrator or League Secretary

Get the Best Deal!

First and foremost, as a League Manager one of your concerns is Cost.  Please review Pricing and understand that if you get your course involved and they invite you (we can help you with this if you request), you're able to save upwards of a $1 a golfer.  This applies to leagues of all types and if you're a traveling league you only need to choose one of your courses as a home course.

Additionally, GLN per golfer pricing has changed little over the past 15 years and other than slight adjustments pricing will not change in the future, so once you budget for the GLN you can have confidence in your fixed overhead for years to come.

League Manager

In simple terms a good League Management application simplifies and streamlines a golf league; it reduces a league manager's workload, and it makes information easily accessible for league golfers so they don't have to call the League Manager.  The Golf League Network isn't just a good League Mananagement application, it's a Great League Management application!

League Manager Considerations:

  • This is a league system, not a tournament system disguised as a league system
  • This GLN is supported by people who are league specialists
  • The GLN retains leagues year after year which means once you use the GLN you'll never have to look for another league system
  • If you would like to take look at the system simply click the following:

Special Features for League Managers:

  • League Managers are given an administrative roll within the website and smart phone application so they can easily manage the league while retaining all the features a golfer receives
  • A League Manager does not have to be a player in the league
  • A league can have more than one League Manager
  • League golfers can be brought into a new league from past year leagues making league renewal an absolute breeze
  • League Managers may define season rules and make them available on the website for viewing by golfers
  • League Managers may use the system to send group emails to players and/or subs
  • League Managers may send Push notifications to players and/or subs smart phones
  • League Managers can collect fees from golfers online via credit card
  • League Managers are given access to a Support/Help dashboard and may also contact tech support via phone
  • League Managers are given ultimate authority within their league