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Golf League Features

The GLN is a Great Tool for League Managers, Golfers & Subs

The Golf League Network is designed so that League Managers (Admins/Secretaries), Golfers and Subs all have easy access to League information through both the GLN website and the Golf Mobile Network smart phone application.  League Managers are provided all the functionality of a golfer plus all the tools to manage a league.

The Golf League Network supports House Leagues, Independent Leagues, Traveling Leagues, Fun Leagues, Social Leagues, Simulator Leagues and just about any other kind of League you can think of!

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General Features

Quick and hassle free League Setup:

A step by step "Get Started" menu makes league setup a breeze 

  • Set League Parameters
  • Create Schedule
  • Setup Rounds
  • Add Golfers and Subs
  • Create Teams of 1-16 players
  • Form Flights
  • Create Pairings
  • Create Seasons
  • Notify (email) Golfers and Subs their Usernames and Passwords
  • Play Golf!  Have Fun!

Scoring Formats:

Select the format for your league by round or for the season

  • Match Play
  • Stroke Play
  • Best Ball
  • Stableford
  • Custom (e.g. Stableford / Best Ball)
  • Team vs Team, or Team vs the Field


Create a complete Schedule in just seconds with easy to use routines

  • The season Schedule can be created easily during the setup process
  • Tee times and shotgun times can be managed within the Schedule
  • The Schedule supports qualification rounds, fun rounds and position rounds
  • The Schedule can be segmented into multiple seasons
  • Rounds can be added, canceled and inactivated on the fly
  • Cancellations and rainouts can be effected with the touch of a button and golfers can be notified immediately via integrated email or cell phone push notification
  • The Schedule is available for viewing by all league players and subs


Pairings are who plays against who or is paired with who within a given scheduled round

  • Pairings can be created in advance and changed on the fly
  • Pair for the season using the Round Robin Pairings feature so Golfers/Teams play as many other Golfers/Teams as possible
  • Golfers and/or Teams can be paired with each other
  • Position Round pairings can be created manually or automatically by rank at anytime during the season


The Golf League Network supports many handicapping options

  • Use the built in "Handicomp Golf Handicap System", which is the default
  • Create and use your own custom handicap (e.g. best 3 of last 5 scores)
  • Supply your own handicap - World Handicap, USGA, average, etc...
  • Handicaps can be used to dot scorecards
  • Handicaps can be used to determine winners in competition
  • Play Scratch - don't use a handicap


League preparation time can be reduced dramatically using the scorecard feature

  • Scorecards can be printed on standard paper or they can be printed on a custom form (ordered separately)
  • All Scorecards for a round can be viewed/printed at once or they can be printed individually
  • Within a match Scorecards can be sorted by team or match
  • Scorecards can be printed by team, tee time or pairing
  • Handicap strokes can be allocated and printed by low ball, full handicap or scratch
  • The Scorecard printing program will mark "dot" holes where handicap strokes fall
  • The League Manager can place a comment on Scorecards for a round
  • Substitute and/or ghost players can be added with ease prior to Scorecard printing
  • Bypass printing Scorecards and have golfers use the built in Scorecard in the Live Scoring feature of the Golf Mobile Network smart phone application

Score Entry:

The score entry process is amazingly simple and quick

  • Scores can be quickly entered hole-by-hole
  • Scores can be entered by the league manager or golfers can be allowed to enter their own Scores
    • Scores can be entered by the league manager or golfers can be allowed to enter their own Scores online
    • League Managers can enter Scores for all golfers using the Golf Mobile Network application on their smart phones, or allow golfers to do so
  • Tees can be changed on the fly
  • Handicaps can be changed or overridden at the time of score entry
  • No-shows can be identified at Score Entry
  • Subs can be entered on the fly


Updated league Standings are available immediately after a round is calculated

  • Standings can reflect extra points earned outside of competitive play
  • Standings provide player/team name and total points
  • Standings can display results for multiple seasons
  • Standings can be sorted by position or by team/player name
  • Golfers can look back on Standings period by period to review how the season is progressing
  • Standings are available on the Golf Mobile Network smart phone applications

Round Results:

Round Results can be viewed round by round for all players by all players

  • Round Results are different than standings in that they present points generated in individual/team competitions
  • Round Results are provided in detail and summary form
  • Round Results can be viewed by team or by match
  • Round Results provide a detailed display of point calculations including player match (hole-by-hole), player stroke, and team stroke points
  • Round Results provide both gross and net score totals
  • A TV Leaderboard feature is available that provides real-time "Large Screen" Results allowing golfers to follow along as scores are posted


The Skins feature is simple to use and greatly enhances the enjoyment of league play

  • Supports both gross and net Skins
  • Skin results are automatically available to league golfers who login to the website
    • Skin results are also available within the Golf Mobile Network smart phone application
  • Skins allows different values for individual gross and net skins
  • Skin amounts can be changed round to round
  • Skin participation is optional
  • Subs can participate in skins
  • A maximum handicap can be set for net Skins


The Golf League Network has many tools (especially for Managers) to assist them in communicating with Players and Subs

  • Golfers may post and respond to each other via a league message board
  • Managers may communicate with golfers via email and mobile push notifications


Managerial and Golfer Reports can be displayed and printed on demand

  • There are a multitude of Reports which can be examined through the sample league selection from the GLN home page
  • Reports can be viewed, printed, or exported to Word or Excel
  • Reports highlight the users name for quick reference
  • Reports can be sorted by column simply by clicking the column title
  • Reports are filled with options to allow the user to display and print only desired information
  • Many Reports can be printed in detail or summary form