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Welcome to the Golf League Network (GLN), where managing a golf league becomes a breeze for league managers, golfers, and substitutes alike!  Our platform is meticulously designed to provide seamless access to all league information through the GLN website and the Golf Mobile Network smartphone application.  With the GLN, it's not just playing golf; it elevates the entire league experience!

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General Features

Effortless League Setup:

  • Navigate through an intuitive "Get Started" guide for seamless league configuration.
  • Customize league parameters, schedules, rounds, and more.
  • Easily add golfers, substitutes, and create teams ranging from 1-16 players.
  • Organize flights, pairings, seasons, and send login details to members via email.
  • Dive into the game with a variety of fun and competitive scoring formats.

Scoring Formats:

  • Choose from Match Play, Stroke Play, Best Ball, Stableford, and custom combinations for each round or the season.
  • Opt for individual or team-based competitions against the field or each other.

Scheduling Made Simple:

  • Generate a comprehensive schedule swiftly with user-friendly tools.
  • Manage tee and shotgun times, incorporate various round types, and adapt the schedule for multiple seasons.
  • Easily handle cancellations, rainouts, and last-minute changes with notifications sent directly to players.

Dynamic Pairings:

  • Set up pairings in advance or adjust as needed.
  • Utilize Round Robin features for diverse matchups throughout the season.
  • Customize pairings for position rounds based on rankings.

Flexible Handicapping:

  • Choose from multiple handicapping options, including a default system (Handicomp Golf Handicap System), your own custom formula, or the first ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learned formula.
  • Employ handicaps for scoring and competitive balance, or opt for scratch play.

Streamlined Scorecards:

  • Reduce preparation time with quick scorecard generation.
  • Customize scorecards for individual or team matches, with options for standard or special printing.
  • Automatically mark holes for handicap strokes and add comments or instructions for players.

Simple Score Entry:

  • Enter scores swiftly, hole-by-hole, with options for manager, golfer entry, or mobile entry.
  • Adjust tees and handicaps on the go, and manage no-shows and substitutes efficiently.

Real-Time Standings:

  • Access up-to-date standings immediately after rounds, with details on points and rankings.
  • Review progress over multiple seasons, with options to sort and analyze results.

Detailed Round Results:

  • Analyze individual and team performance round by round.
  • View comprehensive details, including point breakdowns and score totals.
  • Experience a TV Leaderboard feature for live, large-screen results.

Engaging Skins Game:

  • Enhance league play with an easy-to-use Skins feature.
  • Customize values and participation for both gross and net skins, with results available online and via the Golf Mobile Network.

Effective Communications:

  • Utilize a variety of tools for seamless interaction between managers, players, and subs.
  • Engage through a league message board, email, and mobile push notifications.

Comprehensive Reports:

  • Access a wide array of managerial and golfer reports on demand.
  • Customize views, sort data, and export information for detailed analysis and record-keeping.