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League Course Features

What sets the Golf League Network apart in the competitive world of league management apps?  It's the exclusive League Course features.  A League Course is a premier golf course that manages its in-house leagues via the GLN and recommends our top-tier services to leagues managed by outside administrators.  In fact, an impressive 70% of non-house leagues typically adopt the GLN on the recommendation of the Course.

This service isn't just a game-changer; it's a triple win!  It benefits the golf course, simplifies tasks for League Administrators, and enhances the experience for League Golfers.  Embrace the comprehensive benefits with Golf League Network's League Course service - where everyone shoots under par!

League Course

Unlock the full potential of your golf course with the Golf League Network's premium League Course features.  Our advanced League Management application doesn't just simplify the management of golf leagues; it transforms the entire experience for Courses, League Managers, and Golfers.  With the Golf League Network, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in excellence.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Multi-Administrator Support: Facilitate multiple Administrators at a single course for streamlined operations.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Gain valuable insights with oversight features, allowing complete access and management akin to a League Secretary.
  • Enhanced Communication: Connect efficiently with all league members through email, smartphone push notifications, or message boards.
  • Cost Savings: Pass on savings of more than 15% for each league operating under your League Course.
  • Sub-Pool Feature: Simplify substitutions by pooling all league subs together, ensuring easy access and management.
  • Expanded Handicapping: Offer the Golf Handicap Network, a uniform (AI or HGHS) handicap service to all league players and subs at a greatly discounted rate.  It's a sticky service your league golfers will enjoy very much.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports, including hole scoring analysis, to assist in course management and re-rating hole handicaps.
  • Seamless Integration: Benefit from the integration with the Golf Tournament Network, enhancing the tournament and outing experience at your course
  • Historical Data Retention: Maintain a rich repository of historical league data for future reference and strategic planning.
  • Robust Support: Receive dedicated support from skilled technicians, ensuring any issues or enhancement ideas are promptly addressed.

With the Golf League Network's League Course solution, your course becomes more than just a venue; it becomes a thriving community of golf league enthusiasts, all while streamlining administration and boosting satisfaction across the board.  Discover the difference with our seasoned 50+ year expertise and innovative approach to golf league management.

    Enhanced Handicap Service for League Courses

    Elevate your course's golf league experience with the Golf Handicap Network (GHN) by Handicomp, offering an affordable yet invaluable addition for league courses. Typically, league handicaps only consider scores shot during league play, limiting players to a league-specific handicap. GHN extends this service, incorporating all scores to establish a separate comprehensive Club Handicap for each player.  This service is especially beneficial for courses hosting multiple leagues and hundreds of league golfers, representing an exceptional value-add for both golfers and courses.

    Key Features of GHN for League Courses:

    • Affordable Pricing: Benefit from the incredible value of GHN, with a fixed annual rate that's often less than $1 per league golfer.
    • Custom Branding: Private label the service with your course's name, enhancing the connection between your course and its league golfers.
    • Flexible Handicap Formulas: Select from multiple handicap formulas, including the first of its kind AI Golf Handicap and Score Prediction formula.
    • Comprehensive Tracking: Beyond handicaps, golfers enjoy a robust Scorecard feature to post scores for not just themselves, but for all golfers in their tee group.
    • Valuable Insights: Collect extensive data on golfer performance and course usage, aiding in course analysis and hole handicap re-rating.
    • Retention Tool: Engage and better retain your league golfers with a service that keeps them connected and invested in your course.

    GHN is not just a service but and investment in the quality and reputation of your league and course, ensuring golfers have the best tools at their fingertips. Choose GHN for an elevated league and golfing experience.

    If you're a Course Administrator and would like to learn more about the Golf League Network "League Course" features please contact Handicomp at 616-457-9581 or at