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League Course Features

If there is anything that seperates the Golf League Network from other league applications it is the League Course features.  A League Course is a course that runs its house leagues through the GLN and offers the service to its outside leagues.  Quite often 70%-80% of outside leagues at a course will follow the recommendation of the League Course and use the service.

The League Course service benefits the Course, its League Managers, and its League Golfers.  It's a Win / Win / Win!

League Course

In simple terms a good League Management application simplifies and streamlines a golf league; it makes things easier for the  Course and its League Managers, and it makes information easily accessible for League Golfers.  In these respects the Golf League Network isn't just a good League Mananagement application, it's a Great League Management application!

Special Features:

  • The Golf League Network supports multiple League Course Administrators a a single course
  • The GLN provides League Courses with oversight that allows them to access leagues as a League Manager
  • League Courses are provided the ability to communicate by email, smart phone push notifications or message boards with all or some of their leagues and league golfers & subs
  • There is a financial savings of up to 15% for each league operating under the oversight of a League Course.
  • A League Course has the option to invite all or some of its leagues to use the GLN
  • A League Course may elect to financially support its leagues by paying all, some or none of the league fees
    • Leagues are required to pay amounts not covered by the League Course
    • A League Course may elect to contribute different amounts to different leagues
    • Most often a League Course recognizes the value of its leagues and makes a financial contribution; often times building the contribution into the league fees
    • Consolidated billing that organizes fees for all leagues at a course is provided to a League Course
  • A League Course may "Custom Label" the Golf League Network website and Golf Mobile Network smart phone application so that league golfers are presented with website and app headers that reflect the course's name
  • A League Course is provided access to a login widget that can be inserted into the course's website so golfer traffic can be directed there rather than to the GLN home page
  • The GLN provides a Sub-Pool feature that combines all league subs into a single pool for simplified access by both the course and league managers & golfers who are looking for a Sub
  • A League Course can provide a standardized "Handicomp Golf Handicap System" handicap to all league players and active subs through the Golf Handicap Network at a greatly discounted rate
    • Often leagues will use different handicap methods (as provided within the GLN) there may not be a standard accross all leagues - this feature solves that issue
    • If a League Course has 500 league golfers it should have a standardized handicap system of at least 500 golfers
  • Just as the GLN interfaces with the GHN it also interfaces with the Golf Tournament Network, allowing league golfers to be easily registered in tournaments and outings
  • League Courses are provided a wealth of Reports including a hole scoring report, which provides information that can assist a course in re-rating hole handicaps
  • The GLN generates an "Admin Monthly" activity report that is automatically emailed to League Course Administrators 
  • League information is stored year after year, which provides a wealth of historical information for the League Course
  • Very importantly, the Golf League Network assists with league retention in the case there is turnover in outside league administrators
    • We can't tell you how many leagues have been saved because courses had league golfer contact information in cases where outside league admins disappeared (which happens)
  • League Courses are provided unlimited telephone and online dashboard support by highly skilled support technicians
  • Golf League Network support technicians work very closely with GLN software programmers which means enhancement ideas often move quickly through development
  • The Golf League Network is wholey owned by Handicomp, which means there is more than 50 years of wisdom and experence built into the application

    If you're a Course administrator and would like to learn more about the Golf League Network "League Course" features please contact Handicomp at 616-457-9581 or at